The first ETF-like Platform for NFTs
1 NFT = 1 Vote
Our unique utility lies in empowering our Dolphin family - the holders of our NFTs - with voting rights to make decisions on the NFTs we acquire, ensuring a truly democratic process. We believe in giving back to our community, which is why we’ve taken our time in creating a project that we’re proud of, and one that’s worth being a part of.
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Blue chip NFTs have several characteristics in common – a relatively high floor price, brand power, celebrity endorsements, commitment of the project team, and real-world utility. As noticed, many blue chips aren’t affordable and many may need to pool funds together to afford them. That’s where we come along, the Dauntless Dolphin Club purchases Blue Chip NFTs voted by its holders. 1 NFT= 1 Vote. Don’t miss out, this is just the beginning.
“BAYC, MAYC, AZUKI, DEGODS, CRYPTOPUNKS”. These are various projects that come to mind when one is asked about Blue Chip NFTs. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can be apart of all these projects, even if it’s a fraction of them? Many have missed the boat when these projects were trading at much lower floor prices. With the help of the Dauntless Community, it’s never too late.
We will buy, hold and/or sell Blue Chip NFTs continuously. The more Dauntless Dolphins minted, the higher the funds in the DDC DAO will be. There will be an increase in the total value of our holdings, resulting in higher returns for our members. Our community will have grown significantly, and we’ll be well on our way to establishing ourselves as a formidable presence in the NFT space.
By the 80% mark, we’ll be a well-established and known community with many followers, new projects in the pipeline, and exciting opportunities for our members. We’ll purchase another blue-chip NFT to celebrate our journey so far, and we hope it’s just the beginning.
We have SOLD OUT. 10000 Dauntless Dolphins have been minted and the DDC DAO will have enough funds to purchase anything the community votes upon. The world is our oyster.
Step 1
Install your metamask wallet
Install the your metamask wallet on your smart device, via the IOS App Store or Google Play Store.
Step 2
Deposit some Ether in the wallet
You need at least 0.07 ETH for the NFT, with a bit more for gas fees.
Step 3
Connect your wallet to our website.
Connect your metamask wallet by clicking on get your DDC
Step 4
Get up to 5 DDC NFTs
Each NFT is 0.07 ETH and gives you 1 vote.
Step 5
Hidden NFTs
Every three days at midnight, hidden NFTs will be revealed.
What is minting?
Minting is the process of taking digital data and associtating it with a newly generated token to be deployed on the blockchain. By minting one of our NFTs you obtain exclusive access to our features.
How much will the NFT be?
At the first drop, all NFTs will be listed at 0.07 ETH. On the other drops, the price will be adjusted depending on the average price of our NFT collection on the Opensea website.
How do I connect to my wallet?
You connect to our website with your wallet by installing the MetaMask browser extension. When you click mint on our website you will be automatically redirected to MetaMask.
What is IPFS?
IPFS is the interplanetary file system. This is essentially an off-chain data base that stores the metadata for each NFT!
Who gets a vote?
Any one who holds one of our NFTs will get a vote. Each NFT grants one vote per referendum.
How many drops are there?
Each of the five drops will have 2000 dauntless dolphins up for grabs.
What is Metamask?
MetaMask is a software cryptocurency wallet that interacts with the ethereum blockchain. You can connect to our website with the MetaMak browser extension.
View NFT on MetaMask
You can view your NFT on Opensea or the MetaMask application on your phone. Make sure to be logged in to the right account! It takes some time to see the NFT so there is no need to panic. As long as it is visible on your opeasea account then the purchase of the NFT is successful.
What is a Blue Chip NFT?
A blue chip NFT is a generally well-known, established, stable, and considered to be a good long-term investment. Blue chip NFTs are also thought to be a safer investment than most and have a proven track record of growth and value.
What is a URI?
A URI is pretty much like an address. It stands for Universal Ressource Identifier, and it is used to identify the location of any digital element. Each NFT’s tokenID is linked to a token URI which points to a JSON file. This file contains information about the NFT and the location of the image.
How much fees will I pay?
The fees per transaction are called GAS in the Ethereum blockchain. The amount of gas to pay per transaction depends solely on network congestion. The more people are using the network, the more expensive it is to process a transaction.